Kano Webcam

Flexible, Macro, Videos and Photos

The coolest camera

The coolest camera

A 1080p webcam perfect for online lessons on any computer. Make video calls, snap photos, direct movies, and more.

Point in any direction

Point in any direction

Better than any built-in camera. Bend the arm and point the camera at the action.

macro mode

Macro Mode

Slide the lens to take beautiful macro pictures and videos. Perfect for any science project or art class.

Light it up

Light it up

An LED light for late-night video calls, taking pictures in low-light conditions, or to use as a nightlight.

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Privacy Mode

Slide the lens to the middle for extra protection.

Learn how it works

Learn how it works

Play with lenses, light, and imagery with our free Software Studio on the Kano PC.


Recyclable packaging

Made from non-laminated cardboard, paper pulp, and paper stickers so it is 100% recyclable.

Tech specs

2.1 Megapixel, 1080p
Focal Length
Normal: 510mm; Macro: 55mm
F/2.0 (± 5%)
V: 42.8º, H: 69.7º, D: 77.5º
Relative Illumination
≥ 40%
Video and Stills
LED light
2 lumens
Flash light button on/off, Rotate image 180º button
USB 2.0. Comes with USB C converter