Learn to code

The more you train, the more powerful you become. Go from learner to master step-by-step. Learn new skills, unleash new creative potential.

Simple steps

Anyone can learn code

Creative challenges

And puzzles to solve

Discover new skills

Gain coding confidence

Start a journey

Guided by K-4NO create adventures across the galaxy with code. Swing lightsabers, pilot X-wings, make Force lightning, and more.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Power up a lightsaber

Start where Luke Skywalker™ began; power-up the lightsaber. Follow the simple steps, connect the code blocks, create the lightsaber's blade. Then learn to swing it left and right with a wave of a hand.

Guided by K-4NO

The protocol droid

Connect the code

Learn by doing

Move your hand

Time to play

Swing the lightsaber

Feel the power

Iconic Scenes

Iconic scenes

Uncover beautifully illustrated scenes of iconic characters.

Adventures across the galaxy

From the Death Star to the Outer Rim, each creative challenge builds coding knowledge. Learn by doing.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Levitate R2-D2

Learn how to apply physics to an object. Raise a hand to levitate rocks, Artoo, and a friendly Porg. Change the numbers to alter the force that is applied.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Pilot an X-wing

Learn about velocity, and rotation to make an X-wing steer by tilting a hand left and right. Then create stars with particles.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Avoid asteroids puzzle

The odds of successful navigating an asteroid field are 3,720 to 1. Choose the correct code blocks to find a safe path for the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Choose light side or dark side

Remixes are moments in the journey to show an allegiance using code. Choose to Force push Rebels or stormtroopers. Swap an X-wing for a TIE fighter.

…and much more


Learn how code works


Solve with code


Make something new

Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

Remix code and share

It's simple to change the code at any point to make something new. Swap a character, add a starship, change the LED colors, fill the screen with Porgs.

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