Kano Mouse

Buildable, Precise, Smooth

wire or wireless

Pinpoint Accuracy

A smooth and stylish mouse that works with any computer. Perfect for drawing, online lessons, games, and more.

Greater control

Greater control

Designed for smaller hands. More accurate than a trackpad or touchscreen. Scroll wheel, left, right, and middle clicks.

Durable design

Tough and transparent

Durable dazzling design. A mouse made to last. Look inside, see how it works.

Build it yourself

Build it yourself

With a beautiful book, and click-in, click-out parts anyone can make their own mouse.

Learn how it works

Learn how it works

Connect your mouse to Kano PC and unlock amazing projects about movement and data.


Recyclable packaging

Made from non-laminated cardboard, paper pulp, and paper stickers so it is 100% recyclable.

Tech specs

1000 DPI
Left click, right click, middle click, scroll wheel
USB 2.0. Comes with USB C converter