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How to code your computer

With simple steps, learn logic, Python and Javascript. Level up as you make art, games, and music. It's your first steps into making your own websites, games, and more.

Follow the coding steps
Follow the steps

Make your own art, games, music, and more

Endless play

Step into Playground Mode and make your own creations

Level up

Become more confident, earn medals, unlock more challenges

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Learn with simple code blocks

Simple colorful code blocks let you create without worry about spelling or syntax errors. Snap the blocks together, make loops, variables, play with logic, and more.

Kano PC

Learn to write code

Write your first line of code in seconds. Step-by-step make beautiful pictures, and playful games.

Kano PC

Learn by playing with 600,000+ creations

Kano World is our creative community. Open any creation, look at the code, learn how it works, and tweak it to make something new.