home learning bundle

Home Learning Bundle

Why Kano is good for kids

We open up technology
We open up technology

Our computers, kits and software teach
valuable skills for the future

Simple and fun
Simple and fun

Our curriculum-aligned apps build coding
confidence step-by-step

Hundreds of projects
Hundreds of projects

Make your own art, games, music and more.
Screen time is now creative time

How to get started

kano pc

Kano PC

Build your own powerful Windows laptop with learning software and hours of projects built-in

kano club

Kano Club

New exclusive projects and videos every two weeks.
Works on any computer.

Kano World

Kano World

Free online projects and community.
Thousands of creations to play with and remix.

coding kits

Coding kits

Make magic with a wand, use the Force™, create snow with a wave of your hand. Hundreds of projects, characters, and sounds to play with.


"Kano engages children by giving them ownership over the computer"

Cory Roush, Muskingum Library

What our community is making


Need help?
Need help?

We're here for every problem,
big or small. Visit help

Safe and friendly
Safe and friendly

Parental controls let you decide your child's level of interaction