Kano PC in Education

Kano PC in Education

Focusing on communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Built for the classroom.

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What is Kano PC Education?

Kano PC is the complete package for you and your students to understand technology and create with code

We have partnered with Microsoft to deliver a Kano PC EDU Edition designed specifically for the 21st century classroom 

Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Professional Development, Kano specific apps and so much more

What's included

Lesson plans

Standard aligned curriculum packets to go further with Kano

Training tutorials

Online video tutorials to help you bring coding and Kano to your classroom 

Design Challenges

Help your students progress beyond the Kano tutorials

Community & Support

Access to our online learning portal, and regular support from Kano HQ

Build it yourself

Build and customize the PC yourself. Learn how it works, learn to code, take on new projects, make apps, music, games and art.

Kano Code

Step-by-step challenges level you up slowly. Type code, drag blocks, unlock programming powers, earn rewards as you go. Learn about logic, loops, and variables. Projects with Python, Javascript, and Terminal commands. 

How computers work

Look inside your computer, see how it works. Make emojis with binary code, tinker with touch and sound, play with the processor, and more.

Make Art

Learn to draw beautiful images using brushes, sprays, and shapes with code.

+ 100’s of Apps to download from the Microsoft Store for your classroom



A new, modern take on the desktop application built for the creation of polished documents.



A modern take on Excel with new built-in tools help you get more out of your data.



A new, modern take on the PowerPoint application to design and share your most impactful presentations.



Focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.

Kano PC powered by Windows 10

Kano PC delivers security for the classroom through the safety features in Windows 10 in S mode. Runs fast, stays fast with regular updates.

Kano PC EDU edition comes with curriculum and lesson plans, training, and lifetime customer support.

Curriculum and lesson plans

Kano is committed to providing curriculum that is fun, creative, and engaging, enabling any teacher to bring Computer Science to the classroom. Kano curriculum is currently aligned with: 

- Common Core

- Next Generation Science Standards

- Computer Science Teacher Associate Standards

- K-12 US Computer Science Standards

Professional development

Kano aims to empower any teacher with the skills and knowledge to feel confident in delivering Computer Science Education to their students.

- Video training tutorials

- “How-to” coding lessons for teachers

- Professional development webinars


Tech specs and FAQ

How powerful is Windows 10? How long does the battery last? What if we get stuck? We answer your big and small questions.

What can I make?

Included with your kit

Lifetime care

We’re here for every problem, big or small. Visit our ‘Help’ section.

1 year warranty

If something stops working we’ll help get you back running.

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