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Press Area

Children learning with Kano Computer Kit

A new kind of computing company

Our kits and software give all ages, all over the world, the power to create technology, not just consume it. 

Our team represents two dozen nationalities, and every discipline, and we work to demystify technology, end to end. We build out of London, Shenzhen, and Boston. We share a belief in DIY, learning by doing, storytelling, and realism.

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"Many have tried and failed to create a winning educational computer. Kano cracks that nut, and does so in genius fashion.”


Child building Kano Computer Kit

Creative computing anyone can make

There are more than 20 billion connected devices today, that take up much of our waking hours. Less than 1% of 1% of us can understand and influence them. Kano believes in a future where anyone can. 

Kano's platform lets you build real devices, learn how they work, code them step by step, and share your creations with the world.

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It's like a Computing 101 course in a fun, nifty package. My son's enduring interest in the lessons were what really sold me on the product