Computer Kit Touch

Learn to code with the tablet anyone can make

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Computer kit touch
Computer kit touch
Computer kit touch

Build a tablet

Follow simple steps, and build a tablet, powered by Raspberry Pi that responds to your touch. Learn how it works as you go.

How do I make it?

Learn to code

Take on 100+ step-by-step coding challenges! Learn to type code, drag simple blocks and grow through hundreds of hours of creative play, guided by your own portable computer.

How do I code?

Get creative with art, music, and Minecraft

Make your own colorful art, animations, music, and more. Step into Hack Minecraft and build your own castle, or create bouncing beats with Google Song Maker.

What can I make?

Kano World: your free creative community

Make, share, and play with art, games, and music by people in 86 countries. Be inspired, see the code behind any creation, and tweak it to make it your own.


Endless play

100+ creative challenges, games, and stories
Enter ‘Playground Mode’ and make your own art, games, and music
Remix 600,000+ creations made by the Kano community

Tech specs and FAQ

How powerful is the Pi? How long does the battery last? What if my kid gets stuck? We answer your big and small questions.