Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Build a wand. Learn to code.
Make magic.
?What age is Kano for?
Coding wand image
Coding wand image
Coding wand image

Build a wand

Follow the simple steps, and build a coding wand that responds to your movements. Learn how it works as you go.

How do I make it?

Learn to code

70+ step-by-step challenges show you how. Connect code blocks, see the JavaScript. Learn about loops, logic, and variables. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.

How do I code?

Make magic

Wave your coding wand and see instant effects on screen. Make fire flow, pumpkins grow, feathers fly, goblets multiply, paint pictures, compose music, and more.

What can I make?

Earn rewards, unlock secrets

Earn unique medals, and Experience Points
Unlock costumes, accessories, and creatures for your profile
Iconic locations, creatures, and surprises