What To Expect
3.1 Why Play & Exploration?

Learn how play and exploration can be great fondations to establishing a an engaging coding classroom
Key points:
- Play channels intrinsic motivation
- Play creates an environment where we don't think about \"mistakes\"
- Play requires a \"student driven\" approach
- Expect a more collaborative environment with students working in pairs or small teams
- Expect noise!
- Exploration is how professional software engineers work
- There are often multiple solutions and the only way to find the 'best' one is to explore and try new things

To cultivate a classroom for Play & Exploration consider
- The culture of the classroom - an open, safe place to make mistakes where the teacher acts as facilitator
- Structure of your lessons - plan for both knowledge acquisition and sharing
- And the physical space - create spaces for collaboration

Kano tips for teachers:
- Make roles and responsibilities really clear
- Example, when working in pairs on a machine have a \"driver\" and a \"navigator\"
- A third student can be the \"timekeeper\", responsible for taking notes and managing time
- Switch these roles around to keep things interesting
- Go get your hands dirty and try building and making with technology yourself!

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3.1 Why Play & Exploration?
3.2 Tips for a Student Driven Classroom
3.3 Turning Students Into Trouble Shooters
3.4 Differentiation for Learners
3.5 Managing Time
3.6 Planning for Collaboration
3.7 Managing Assessment
3.8 Where to Get Help