Pixel Kit

Make and code dazzling lights. Build games, animations and art. 

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Pixel KitPixel KitPixel KitPixel KitPixel Kit
Pixel KitPixel KitPixel KitPixel KitPixel Kit
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Pixel Kit thumb
Pixel Kit thumb
Pixel Kit thumb
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Build it yourself

Connect the buttons, board & battery

Learn to code

30 creative challenges

Paint with light

Create with 16 million colors 

Creative community

Share, remix, like and comment 

Build it yourself

Build it yourself

Follow the book, learn about power, RGB, LEDs, and more. Play with the built-in games, light shows and sound equaliser. Connect with Mac, PC, or any Kano Computer Kit.

How do I make it?
Nancy Jackabowick, Teacher

It uses your whole mind, the analytical part and the creative.

Nancy Jackabowick, Teacher

Learn to code

Learn to code

Follow the simple steps, use colorful code blocks, view the Javascript, make your own games and animations. Level up slowly, learn about loops, logic, live data, and variables. Simple for beginners, expansive for beginners. 

How do I code it?
Brielle, Kano user

When it all came together...It made me so proud.

Brielle, Kano user

Make art, games, and apps

Make art, games, and apps

Paint with 16 million colors. Build mazes to solve, characters that jump, spaceships that swerve. Add data to make live weather stations, and sport tickers. 

What can I make?
Kano World: your free creative community

Kano World: your free creative community

Make, share, and play with art, games, and music made by people in 86 countries. Be inspired, see the code behind any creation, and tweak it to make it your own.

Creations shared
Lines of code written
Kano members

Endless play

30 creative challenges to learn how the Pixel Kit works

Enter 'Playground mode' and make art, games & animations

Remix creations made by game artists, and makers

Included with your kit

Lifetime Care

We’re here for every problem, big or small. Visit our ‘Help’ section.


1 Year Warranty

If something stops working we’ll help get you back running.

What’s in the kit?

What is in the kit
1. Pixel Brain
128 RGB LEDs, Wireless
2. USB Ports x3
For Kano Sensors
3. Mode Dial
Built-in games and apps
4. Buttons
To bash and play
5. Joystick
Up, down, left, right, click
6. Battery
3 hours of play
7. Power Cable
For charging the kit
8. Lanyard
Carry it around
9. Stickers
For customising the kit
10. Storybook
Step-by-step guide
11. Filter
Soften lights for different effects
12. Custom Case
Protects the lights
Tech specs and FAQ

Tech specs and FAQ

How bright are the lights? How long does the battery last? What if we get stuck? We answer your big and small questions.