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Pixel Kit

Pixel Kit anyone can make and code

Pixel Kit

Make and code dazzling lights.
Build your own games, animations, art.

Ships in 1-2 business days
Free Shipping Free Shipping Lifetime Support Lifetime Support 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty Works with Mac + PC Works with Mac + PC 16 Million Colors 16 Million Colors Includes Kano App Includes Kano App
“It brings coding off the screen and into the physical world. Seeing this happen in real time is genuinely delightful.”
“Trains a generation of kids to perceive the world as endlessly programmable.”
“Unleash your inner mad inventor. Banish boring rectangles by making your own crazy, colorful gadgets.”

Start with a story

Open the box, pop out the pieces. Buttons, board, battery, and more. Follow the books, all by yourself. Build the Pixel Kit step by step, page by page, just like Lego. Learn as you make. Connect to your computer and download the Kano App.
Make with a simple story
Follow the book, build it yourself
Follow the book, build it yourself
Turn on the lights
Turn on the lights
Start coding it, step by step
Start coding it, step by step
Learn to code
Step-by-step challenges show you how. Connect blocks, light it up live, see the effects instantly side-by-side. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.
Simple blocks
Simple blocks
JavaScript Code
JavaScript Code
Step by step challenges
Step by step challenges
Build your own games
Build your own games
Start simple. Level up slowly. Create characters, make them run and jump. Spaceships swerve. Balls bounce. Add logic and scoreboards. Remix games by friends.

"It uses your whole mind, the analytical part and the creative."
Nancy Jackabowick, Teacher

Build your own games
Paint with light
Paint with light, make animations
Draw your own colorful pictures and pixel art. Make animations frame-by-frame. It's simple and instant! Play with 16 million colors. What will you make?

"You could do it yourself and create your own light show"
Nicholas, Pixel painter

Paint with light
Bring sound to life
Bring sound to life
With the inbuilt microphone make lights dance to music, bounce to beats or speak when you speak.

"When it all came together...It made me so proud"
Brielle, Pixel noobie

Bring sound to life
What’s in the app?
What’s in the app?
Kano Code runs the Pixel Kit. It's based on thousands of hours of real-world testing with artists, educators, and inventors worldwide. It uses simple steps, storytelling, game mechanics, and practical projects to demystify programming
What’s in the app?

Over 35 step-by-step challenges!

Pixel Painter
Turn lights on, make them flash
Treasure Hunter
Make your first game
It talks when you talk
Weather Station
Light up the weather

The tools to play with



Set RGB values to code 16 million different colors



Use logic blocks to take your code from beginner to advanced



Make your lights move and come to life with simple animation



Cloudy with some rain? That's data your creations can use!



Clap, shout, use sound as code through your computer mic



Track the International Space Station. The sky is the limit!

Make with friends

Kano App is a cool community full of amazing creations, made by people of all skill levels. Get inspiration, open their apps, tweak and hack the code to make your own.

5 replies 295 likes
Appearing Rainbow
8 replies 473 likes
Heart Beat
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Fruit Machine
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Tie Fighter
6 replies 364 likes
Super Snail
10 replies 572 likes
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Lines of code written
World Shares Logo
Creations shared

What's in the kit

Kano Pixel Kit
  • 1. Pixel Brain

    128 RGB LEDs, Wireless

  • 2. 3 USB Ports

    For Kano Sensors

  • 3. Mode Dial

    Built-in games and your apps

  • 4. Buttons

    To bash and play

  • 5. Joystick

    Up, down, left, right, click

  • 6. Battery

    3 hours of play

  • 7. Power Cable

    For charging your kit

  • 8. Lanyard

    Carry it around

  • 9. Stickers

    For customising your kit

  • 10. Storybook

    Step-by-step guide

  • 11. Filter

    Soften lights for different effects

  • 12. Custom Case

    Protect your lights

Tech Specs

  • Board


    Dual Core 240MHz

  • Battery


    1,550 mAh Lithium


  • Additional Requirements

    Additional Requirements

    WiFi or USB connection

    Kano OS, OS X, or Windows 7 and above

  • Connectivity


    3 USB Ports

    802.11g Wireless LAN


    Micro-USB Port

  • Control


    1 Joystick

    2 Buttons

  • Parental Info

    Parental Info

    Pixel Kit for all ages, parental help may be needed for ages 6 to 8, no technical knowledge required.

  • Storage


    16MByte Flash

    520kb SRAM

  • 16x8 LED Grid

    16x8 LED Grid

    128 RGB LEDs

  • Microphone


    MEMS Technology


Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows


    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor

    2 GB ram

  • Apple OSX

    Apple OSX

    macOS 10.9 or later

    Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor (64 bit intel processor)

    2 GB ram

  • Kano Computer Kit

    Kano Computer Kit

    Kano OS 3.11

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B



What is the Pixel Kit?

The Pixel Kit is Kano’s latest creative coding kit. With it, you can make and code dazzling lights, build your own games, create animations, paint with light.

What is the recommended age for the Pixel Kit?

The Pixel Kit can be enjoyed by everyone, beginners and experienced makers of all ages. We recommend 6 years old as a starting point but children who can read/write might start earlier.

Is adult supervision necessary with the Pixel Kit?

Some children ages 6-8 years old may require parental supervision reading the storybook and assembling the components. Other than that, no, unless adults in the room want to learn more about code!

Do I need a Kano Computer Kit to use the Pixel Kit?

No, you don’t need a Kano Computer Kit. But you do need a computer to use the Kano App. The Pixel Kit can be connected to any Windows, Mac, or Kano Computer Kit.

How do I set it up?

First, you build your own Pixel Kit, guided by a storybook included in the box. Then turn it on at the switch and watch the boot up animation come to life. Plug your Kit into the port of your computer (Kano, Mac, Windows) and download the Kano App.

Why is it called a Pixel Kit?

We see every LED on the grid as a Pixel, and you put the product together yourself. It is made with 128 LED lights (on a 16x8 grid) that you can control with code. Each LED can flash up to 30 times per second, with 16 million colors to choose from.

How can I connect my Pixel Kit to a computer?

Connect the Pixel Kit to your Kano Computer Kit, Mac, or Windows computer using the provided USB cable.

How do I learn to code with the Pixel Kit?

The Pixel Kit includes several ready-made projects that teach you how to code, including light shows, games, and step-by-step coding challenges.

Can I create my own projects?

Yes, you can create your own projects. The Kano App gives you all the tools you need to start creating, so you can make your own games, animations and art. You can also share your creations so others can remix them and make them their own.

I’m an educator, how do I find out about using the Pixel Kit in schools?

Please get in touch with our Education team. They will be happy to help with bulk orders, lesson plans and ideas for incorporating the Pixel Kit into curriculums.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

No problem! Contact our Customer Care team and they will be happy to help. You can also reach us on Twitter and Facebook.