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Computer Kit 2016

Kano computer and screen anyone can make and code

Computer Kit 2016

Anyone can make a computer, learn to code.
Suitable for all ages

$99.99 33% off
Was $149.99
Shipping in 1–2 weeks
Kano computer kit as seen in Guardian
Kano computer kit as seen in Wall Street Journal
Kano computer kit as seen in BBC
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Kano computer kit as seen in Fast Company

A way for anyone to stumble onto their passion for computer technology. Kano makes it easy to do, so you don't get frustrated too early.

Steve Wozniak, Apple Cofounder
Owns two Computer Kits

Can't wait to put together my first computer.

Novak Djokovic, Tennis Champion

My son’s enduring interest in the lessons were what really sold me on the product.


The most unique option for your kids to learn to code. Everything they need to build their own computer.


Steve Wozniak
Novak Djokovic, Tennis Champion
Computer Kit

It’s a computer anyone can make

In 86 countries, kids ages 6 to 81 build computers with Kano. Inside, simple steps show you how to code apps, music, art, games, and more.
Help icon
Kids under 8, still learning to read, may need a little help
Education icon
Used in 1000+ education programs
Advanced icon
Pi 3 inside, suitable for advanced users

Start with a story

Open the boxes, out pop the pieces. Bits, boards, cables, and more. Follow the books, all by yourself. Build the computer step by step, page by page, just like Lego. Follow along and learn as you make.
Make with a simple story
Take the parts out of the box
Take the parts out of the box
Build your computer bit by bit
Build your computer bit by bit
Bring your computer to life
Bring your computer to life!

Learn real coding skills

Learn real coding skills

Boot it up. Dive inside your computer. Type code, drag blocks, cast terminal commands like spells. Learn real code, unlock programming powers.

  • Python, great for full-stack development
  • Javascript, to create websites, games, and art
  • Unix commands, to control computers faster
Level up and learn

Step-by-step challenges level you up slowly. Game mechanics reward you. Our research and thousands of hours of real-world testing has proven that, with this approach, computational confidence emerges. You fall into flow, and real skills follow.

Level up and learn

The brain of your computer is a Raspberry Pi 3. It’s tiny, but powerful. Bring it to life with our unique open-source Kano OS, built to demystify the PC and teach computational thinking.

We were having fun, and we didn’t realize we were learning stuff, but we were!

Maya, Kano Master

We made a computer! We're like superchildren!

Khalid, Coding Superhero

Hundreds of hours of powerful projects

Go on a terminal quest. Code flowers, fractals, and artworks. Make classic games like Pong and Snake. Hack Minecraft. Download thousands of open-source apps. Make them work the way you want them to.

Minecraft icon Minecraft
Lava towers
Lava towers
by kevin
Don't just play Minecraft, hack it. Learn the coding language Python as you take on challenges that show you how to instantly build your own worlds.
Kano Code icon Kano Code
Harmony of spheres
Harmony of the Spheres
by hicks
Make your own apps, animations, games, photo filters, light shows and much more. Simple challenges teach you how, powerful code blocks unlock endless potential.
Make Art icon Make Art
by Atati
No pen and paper needed. Learn how to code simple shapes, beautiful mathematical patterns, pixel art and more. Then create your own marvellous masterpieces.
Make Pong icon Make Pong
Best game of pong
Best game of pong
by braindodger
A hackable edition of Pong and a perfect introduction to game development. Change the rules, balls, paddles and play area to create your own version of this classic.
Scratch icon Scratch
The original visual programming language, used in schools around the world. Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
Make Snake icon Make Snake
by oliver1
Another classic. Customize the game board, hack the rules and challenge friends. Learn the basics of coding by making your own version.

And there’s more…

Make music icon
You don’t need a piano. Code your own music with this powerful synthesizer.
Terminal quest icon
Terminal Quest is a choose-your-own command-line adventure. Use Linux commands to solve a mystery, save the town.
Other apps icon
The Computer Kit also comes with other apps you’d expect. A proper web browser, text editor, YouTube, Scratch, Codecademy, and hundreds more in the app store.
Kano World

Play, make and learn together

Kano World is our online community for new coders, the creative, and the curious. It plays host to thousands of creations, digital and physical, arts, sciences, servers, solar stations, and more. Our system automagically converts shared creations into steps for anyone to follow. Start on your Kano computer, keep making in any web browser.

I’d rather use the Kano than play my favourite game on a an X-Box

Ophelia, Make Art Hero

We made our own games. It was so fun using the code. Usually on Minecraft you can’t do stuff like that!

Harry, Minecraft Whizz

What's in the kit?

Kano Screen Kit
  • 1. Raspberry PI 3

    The brain of your computer.

  • 2. Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad

    To work your magic without cables.

  • 3. DIY Speaker

    Makes your computer speak.

  • 4. Custom Case

    Protects your computer.

  • 5. 8GB SD Card

    So you can save all your games and apps.

  • 6. Power Supply + Micro-USB

    Brings your computer to life!

  • 7. HDMI Cable

    To connect to an HD screen.

  • 8. Story Book

    Simple steps show you how to make a computer.

  • 9. Stickers x4

    Personalise your computer.

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