Star Wars The Force Coding Kit
AGE 6+
Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit

The Force™ Coding Kit

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Make and play with 100+ characters, starships, planets, sounds, and more

Build Sensors

Follow the book, connect the board, button, and bits. Play with sensors, learn how they work.

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Make the kit

Learn to code

Go on a journey from learner to master. Step-by-step connect code, see the JavaScript. Unlock powers with playful challenges.

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Learn to code
Guided by K-4NO
Guided by K-4NO

Follow the simple steps

Create iconic moments
Create iconic moments

Learn about loops, velocity, variables

Wave a hand
Wave a hand

Control characters, starships, lightsabers

Create new adventures

Wave your hand, make droids dance, build your own lightsabers, create your own destiny. There's no end to what can be made.

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Tech Advisor, 4 stars

There’s plenty of weird and wacky games to try out with your motion sensor.

Tech Advisor, 4 stars

Make new stories

Make new stories

Cover Chewie in porgs, create rainbow stormtroopers, make ewoks fly through space. Choose what to make next.

Choose the light side or dark side

Choose the light side or dark side

Code a blue or red Lightsaber, pilot an X-wing or TIE fighter, levitate Stormtroopers or Rebels, and more.

Play with code
Play with code

Swap a character, add a starship, change the movement, fill the screen with Porgs

Play with sound
Play with sound

Create with R2-D2's beeps, the Falcon's hyperdrive, Chewie's Wookiee roar, and more

Play with the avatar
Play with the avatar

Discover costumes, lightsabers, droids, and more

Share with the galaxy

Share with the galaxy

Be inspired. Make, share, and play new adventures with the Star Wars Kano World community.

Creations shared
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Kano Makers

What fans are making

What's in the box?

What is in the kit />
1. Empire Icon
Join the dark side
2. Rebel Icon
Join the light side
3. AA Batteries x 2
Power up play
4. Light Ring
Diffuse the LED light
5. PCB
4 sensors, 8 RGB LEDs
6. Power Button
Turn it on
7. Bottom Case
The base
8. Top Case
Connect the parts
9. Stickers
Stick them anywhere
10. Book
Simple steps

Included with the kit

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