What you can make and play

Code pictures, create animations, make musical masterpieces. Don’t just play games, change the rules. Make exclusive voice, sound, and touch projects.

Create your own art with Kano PC
Create your own art

Create characters, landscapes and geometric rainbows

Make your own games with Kano PC
Make your own games

Take control of Pong and Snake. Build your own games.

Hack Minecraft with Kano PC
Hack Minecraft

Make castles, waterfalls, TNT towers and giant holes in seconds

Play with data with Kano PC
Play with data

Make weather stations, sports tickers, news readers, and more.

Build animations with Kano PC
Build animations

Make objects dance, race or shake. Make them interactive.

Make music with Kano PC
Make some noise

Make your own beats with a swipe of a finger on Google's Song Maker

Kano PC

Paint with your fingers

Learn to code your own brushes, sprays, shapes, and make stunning street art.

Track the Space Station

Use real world data to make an ISS tracker

1. Start the challenge

1. Start the challenge

2. Add the ISS data

2. Add the ISS data

3. Follow the simple steps

3. Follow the simple steps

4. Track the ISS on a map

4. Track the ISS on a map

Kano PC

Play Pong with fireballs

Remake a classic. Code bigger or smaller paddles, add fiery balls. Change the speed, and the rules. Then share on Kano World for everyone to play.

The all new Kano PC

Endless play

Once you've learnt the basics, there's no end to how much you can make.