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Code Your Galaxy

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Fast Company

Unshackles us from the past and ushers in a new world of computing.

Fast Company

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2019

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Be part of the brand new club that offers unlimited creativity, imagination and potential.

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Make art, games, and music with step-by-step guides

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Tips, tricks, and new projects to make you more powerful

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Make your own computers

Anyone can make

With simple steps, build and code technology. Connect the bits, boards, and buttons. Bring computers, tablets, wands, sensors, and more to life. Simple, fun, and for everyone.


Learn to code

Go from beginner to code master with step-by-step challenges, and stories. Drag blocks, type code, unlock programming powers. Projects with Python, JavaScript, Unix, and more.

The Guardian, “How Kano turned my son, 8, into a programmer”

What he's doing, though he doesn't know it, is coding. He can do this because Kano has made it instinctive.

The Guardian, “How Kano turned my son, 8, into a programmer”

Make apps, games and music

Create, don’t just consume technology. Code art, make games, musical masterpieces. Don't just play games, hack Minecraft, Snake, and Pong, change them to do something new. Build apps, create data visuals, and stories.


Time Magazine Best Inventions 2018
Time Magazine

Best Inventions 2018

Tech Toy of the Year Finalist
Toy Of The Year Awards

Tech Toy of the Year Finalist

Fast Company 2019 Most Innovative Companies
Fast Company

2019 Most Innovative Companies

CES Best of Innovations 2019

Best of Innovations 2019

What our community is saying


Sleeps with his Kano
I’d rather use Kano than play my favorite game on an Xbox sometimes. This is not a joke. I am addicted to the Kano.


Michael O’Donnell
Michael O’Donnell
I love these products. Much as the chemistry kits of old got young kids into science, these are the chemistry kits of the computer age.


Ray Whitney
Ray Whitney
Easy way for kids to learn and build their own computers. Great life skills for the economy of the future.
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Kano for education

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