Your support matters!

Hi everyone!

So you heard that right, we are back on Kickstarter with 3 new computing kits anyone can make, easy as Lego, and open to all ages! We are aiming high to make the project happen and we need YOUR help to spread the word and pass the message from hundreds of thousands to millions.


Adult or kid, beginner or pro, anyone can help! Here’s how:

Thunderclap IT!

We’ve been working with our friends at Thunderclap to help us spread the word on about the project. They are crowdfunding platform for communications and instead of pledging with money you lend us your social media voice for a single, coordinated, loud message. A BANG like the ones storms do, we want you to be part of that storm!

The storm is just beginning to form, so please support us on Thunderclap and tell your friends, share and help the message reach millions.


Once the message reaches it's supporter goal (we are asking for 100 supporters), all supporters will post the message automatically on their social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your choice).

We are aiming for the coordinated clap to go live on 11th October, 5 PM London time (Noon New York Time), coinciding with another reveal we will be doing throughout the campaign.

Join and share our Kickstarter Live session with Alex Klein

Fancy asking Alex Klein, Kano’s CEO, some questions about the new kits, creative computing or anything else in particular? He will be live, broadcasting from the Kickstarter offices in New York TOMORROW, starting at 9:30 PM London Time (4:30 PM New York Time).

This live broadcast will be embedded on our new Kickstarter page HERE thanks to Kickstarter newly implemented broadcasting capabilities, so join us at that time for a chat and meet the makers! If you can’t attend you are more than welcome to share the event so others can!

Ask us questions on a Reddit AMA

The Kano team will also be on Reddit doing an AMA session on 5th October, starting at 5 PM London Time (Noon New York Time). We will be on the /r/iama subreddit, trying to answer any questions you might have about creative computing and the hardware, software, operations, mission and execution behind Kano as a concept.

We will be bringing a very diverse and multidisciplinary team to Reddit, joining Alex as we tackle your questions and enquiries. Backer or not, start getting them ready for next week and bring your friends along for the session!

Here's the team being silly in our proof picture: