You made it happen! THANK YOU

Today we want to thank you: the makers, the beginners, the educators, all of you. With pledges, tweets, likes and passion, you’ve helped us reach our goal. Our three new kits were successfully funded yesterday, and now we’re spinning up the factories to get these amazing new products to you. We can’t wait to see what you make with them! (And in the meantime, check out Kano Code - the software that powers them all, available for free here).

The response to these DIY kits anyone can make and code has been fantastic. Read some below!

“Brings coding off the screen and into the physical world. seeing this happen in real time is genuinely delightful” - The Verge

“filling the gaps between different levels of coding.” - VentureBeat

“it's a frustration-free way to feel a little more comfortable manipulating the digital world.” - Mental Floss

“Unleash your inner mad inventor with Kano 2's tiny connected computers. Banish boring rectangles by making your own crazy, colourful gadgets” - Stuff

“a family of fun, hackable devices that don’t cause any techie headaches when you want them to talk to each other.” - TechCrunch,

“All three kits work with simple software that lets you add custom functions”Uncrate

We’re also humbled to get public support from some of our heroes, friends and even royalty!

We are thrilled to see our kits come to life, and thanks again for your support.

Team Kano.

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