Just two years ago, Kano was little more than an idea in our founder Alex Klein’s mind, but with a nudge from his little cousin, lots of hard work, and the backing of hundreds of wonderful strangers, his vision became a reality.

As part of the crowdfunding campaign, Kano promised the people who committed to buying 10 of our yet-to-be-built kits that they’d get a super-special workshop straight from our team when the new computers arrived. They were a rather brave bunch, after all!

This week the time came for our Chief Wizard, otherwise known as Mathew, Head of Content, to fly out across Europe and deliver a huge thank you, along with a Kano magic masterclass, to the first group of those backers!

Here’s how it went, in the words of the wizard…

"The journey began in Switzerland at ISOCS, an international school, where we ran 8 workshops over two days and I met Joey – an 11 year old who taught himself Object Oriented Java last year using a book from the library!"

After a quick hop onto a plane over to The Netherlands, it was a 3-hour trip to the southern part of the country to meet Egid and Bart who run all different types of workshops for schools – from rap and break dancing to anti-bullying and anti-racism  – with Kano their first foray into the world of computing. Snow set in, so the guys took me for some traditional Dutch pie while we waited for the weather to get better. Delicious!

Next day it was 2 hours North to Heiloo where Ivo took me to a lovely school in the town. There was a bit of a language barrier, but good old Google translate worked a treat. The children gave me a kilo of cheese as a thank you! They even signed it too.

Finally, I met up with my colleague Kirsty in Amsterdam where we ran the first Kano Netherlands open house in a beautiful art gallery lent to us by WeTransfer. We were thrilled when every guest we’d invitedattended, including some extras and the two founders of WeTransfer!

This ace team (who were strangers before they sat down with the kits) proved that Kano is all about team work. Favourite part? A little girl who came up to us and asked when Chapter 2 of the Terminal Quest would be released, as she was desperate to know the fate of the people of Folderton! She said she realised that the main character was special somehow, but isn’t sure why.

There’s bad news too though. Unfortunately it appears that someone in the Netherlands is selling blatant copies of our product!

It doesn’t even taste the same as our Kano! Lawsuit to follow…

If you are interested in running your own workshops please do get in touch and we’ll get you the information you need.

You could also join one of our existing Communities in London or Amsterdam!