Weekend Projects #2 - Building flags, making trails, hacking Minecraft

The days are getting longer… which means even more time to play with code!

Here's another post filled with creative projects, keep your mind busy and your smile wide with these computer challenges. This week we’ll be designing our own flags, coding crazy animated art, and hacking Minecraft!

Each project is short, sweet and engaging, with a host of follow-up challenges available for busy bees on Kano World.

You don’t need a Kano Computer Kit - access most of the projects from your laptop or desktop. But if you want one, make sure to use the 20% off discount we have running until the end of April.

Flag Builder

If you were a country, what shape would you be?*

More importantly, what would your flag look like? Let’s find out with this code-based design project.

Using the step-by-step challenge guide, create your own flag from scratch… then customize it and make it your own! Why not choose an anthem and a national animal while you’re at it?

This project helps you learn about code – and create your own unique flag!

No Computer Kit Needed - Code your Flag here.

Wandering Trails

Are you ready to make crazy, animated art?
Great! This project is for you!

In this dynamic art project, you’ll use code to create self-generating, randomized, super-colourful squares… all with easy-to-follow instructions.

It’s a simple way to create something wonderful, and play with code while you’re at it.

No Computer Kit Needed - Create your crazy square art here.

Whammy Walk

You can do incredible things in Hack Minecraft – like this project that makes the floor follow you!

In Whammy Walk, you will use code to create a Minecraft power that builds roads, floors and more as you walk (or fly!) with the single touch of a button.

Whether glass, grass, cobbles or stone, you can pave your way into Minecraft madness with this guided tutorial.

You’ll need a Computer Kit for this one - Hack Minecraft here.

Do something new, every day!

Check out the computer kit you build yourself for more exclusive projects, and a hands-on introduction to creativity and technology.

You can also explore our online community on Kano World where other makers have now shared over 29 millions of lines of code.

*Unicorn-shaped. Definitely.