Wave "Hey!" – to the world's most accessible coding kit

A month ago, we launched the Pixel Kit, to "bring coding into the physical world." Next came thousands of reactions & creations – absolutely dazzling...

Now, let's keep moving.

Here's our new kit, heretofore unannounced, and our most accessible to date: The Motion Sensor Kit, available for $29.99 right now..)

The Motion Sensor Kit detects direction & distance, with 100 degrees of precision. The numbers flow into Kano Code, where simple challenges show you how to turn your real-world motion into digital sound & syntax – moving characters, counters, colors, and more.

What's inside? A simple book demystifies sensor technology, and shows you how to build the sensor into a flying lead, sucker pad, and USB dock, for any computer. Custom stickers let you add a style, and the long lead lets you turn the sensor into traps that stick to walls, floors, and particularly smooth faces.

Wave and pan in the air, with hands and feet. Next, onscreen, code paintbrushes, play Pong, and mix songs, with 30 step-by-step projects and challenges that teach coding fundamentals – and an app that takes you into real Javascript right away.

The Motion Sensor Kit works with any computer with a USB port, including your Kano Computer Kit and your Pixel Kit.

Backstory: When we announced the Pixel, Camera, and Speaker Kits, many asked about the sensors inside – and demanded a standalone version. We took the tech, broke down how it works with a simple storybook, and hooked it up to a suite of our community's coolest games and creations.

We investigated the wide world of sensor technology, near-ubiquitous in industrial machinery, cars, elevators, and every now and again, game consoles – and added the hands and feet of hundreds around the world, over months of play.

Want to learn more? Wave hello to the world's most accessible coding kit.

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