Some things that have been said about Kano kits.

"Many have tried and failed to create a winning educational computer for kids. Kano cracks that nut and does so in genius fashion." - Wired

"Kano hits the sweet spot for anyone with curiosity about what's behind the screen." –CNBC

"The Kano ‘Make A Computer’ practically sings at you out of the box" -Financial Times

"Clever, entertaining and educational... Think of Kano the same way you and your family might approach an old-fashioned chemistry set, with curiosity, creativity and a sense that you're doing something together." - USA Today.

"Lets kids build their own PCs and learn to program with a nice combination of simplicity, education, and even charm." -Walt Mossberg

"Many have tried and failed to create a winning educational computer for kids. Kano cracks that nut, and does so in genius fashion.”
-Wired, Our Absolute Favorite Gadgets of 2014

"It's kind of like Legos, but for computers. Kano is a kit that gives kids the basics of building hardware and coding software." - CNN

“I actually learned something new and made a product that actually works — and could replace my laptop for everyday tasks.” –Business Insider

“It’s like a Computing 101 course in a fun, nifty package. My son’s enduring interest in the lessons were what really sold me on the product.”
-Bloomberg Businessweek

"The Kano team aims to get users through the first intimidating barrier so that they can go on and do interesting and creative things with computers." - BBC

“A line of code can be as creative as a stanza … Kano is a far better $150 present than a cheap tablet that mostly just plays games and movies.”
-Wall Street Journal

“Kids make Kano computers, spurring them to explore both hardware and software imaginatively.” -Bloomberg

"Kano helps kids understand the ins-and-outs of computer circuitry, getting them on their way to an education in coding." - TIME

“Kano’s simple make-your-own computer kit is an easy way to get kids interested in learning about coding and computers”
-Fortune, 26 Coolest Gadgets of 2015

“Finally, a way to trick my son into a lucrative career.”
-The Onion

"A Kano DIY kit that has kids put together a simple computer that they can learn to code on." - Buzzfeed

“What he's doing, though he doesn't know it, is coding. He can do this because Kano has made it instinctive.” -The Guardian, “How Kano turned my son, 8, into a programmer”

“The most unique option for your kids to learn to code. Everything your kids need to build their own computer.” -Forbes

"A first-of-its-kind motion sensor wand"-The Leaky Cauldron.

"I am deeply impressed at how beautifully the team at Kano has brought the wizarding world into this kit. They really understand and love Harry Potter. Learning to code can be really overwhelming, but this kit melts all of that away" -Mugglenet

"A magical way to make coding accessible and fun to learn" -Stuff

"I was super impressed with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit overall, with highlights being the art style throughout the game, the number of spells available to use, and the manner in which the kit builds up knowledge of coding naturally" -The Leaky Cauldron.

"Here we have something new and positive. Something a little bit magical." SnitchSeekers

"A fun, creative way to start coding." -MacSources


"This kit works like magic." -TrustedReviews

"Earning spells with block-based code is hugely gratifying." -Engadget

"It’s one of the most forward-thinking approaches I’ve gotten my hands on and easily stands out from the crowd." -9To5Toys

"Its a joy to mess around with, 9 out of 10" - ReviewGeek

"Kano’s Computer Kit Touch provides a wonderful platform for kids to build their own computer and become immersed in coding" - Elena Eppstein, Director NAPPA

"The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit brings the fun of the wizarding world together with coding challenges. Kids will love building their own wand." - Elena Eppstein, Director NAPPA

"A great way to teach technology, 10 out of 10"- MacSources

"Impresses from the moment you open it up" - YAYOMG

"There’s a small, secret group of wizards in our world. They’re called programmers, and their powers are only given to a select few. But now, you can create your own magic.” –Fast Company

"I was able to recreate the wingardium leviosa spell for lifting the owl in the air using the actual movements of the wand." –The Verge

"Replicates the art of learning and performing magic … produce spells that you control on screen with a build-it-yourself wand." –[Engadget](Kano's next coding kit is a Harry Potter wand)

"The journey starts from the moment you open the box. A gorgeously designed booklet that shows how it works. Invoke spells with the wand. The real fun comes when you make your own." –The Next Web

"Point the wand at the screen to change the color of his or her owl, create fire and make the flames dance, or make Bertie Bott's beans grow." –[Twice](Kano Casting Spells With New Harry Potter Coding Kit)

"The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit features an actual wand that you can assemble and use to cast spells. More than 70 step-by-step challenges, which include trips to Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts among other familiar locations." -Trusted Reviews

"I put together the code for levitating a feather with the flick of my wand, enlarging and shrinking magic beans by moving the wand up and down, and freezing blue Cornish Pixies that darted across the screen." –PC World

"...magically enjoyable and educational" -Electromaker

"Kano’s operating system opens up step-by-step a world of tools and narratives, where you can make apps, art, games, music, and more in multiple programming languages." The Express

"This product is one of the coolest examples of coding fun that I have ever seen." The Toy Insider