Triple the possibilities, triple the fun!

We believe in a type of computing that is open and easy to understand for adults and kids alike. That is why we have 3 new kits that are easy to assemble and fun to tinker with, as easy as putting Lego blocks together.

You assemble them and create three new devices: a camera, a speaker and a pixel grid. They all come with Kano Code, a new version of our coding platform that represent a new way to customise these devices, as well as Kano World, where you can share your projects with others, as well as see what they are doing.

Each of these kits is a standalone device, but more importantly, you can make them work together to use their superpowers like superhero groups do. Every single of them also comes with their own little sensor (that you can use for other kits) to, well, sense the surroundings!

Want to connect your camera to your speaker and trigger a sound when somebody activates your tripwire sensor, taking a snap on the process? You can do it. Interested on using your speaker as remote trigger for your camera shutter? Tell your camera to listen to the music and act based on it!

Make your pixel kit react to the audio you produce on your speaker, get the lights dancing to the music.

Take the control and make the kits yours. Build computers and understand how technology works.

The three kits play with each others and are only limited by your imagination.

Early bird pledges still available at $249 (they’ll be retailing for $349,99) so if you like what you see get that triple pack!

We would also appreciate massively every share of the campaign, so press this link and tell your friends. Share the gift of technology and help us make the project a reality.