Tip Top Tips for the Harry Potter Coding Kit

Hello everyone, Aaron from Kano here. Over the weekend a friend of mine told me they had bought the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit for their son. And they wondered if I had any advice for using it.

I was very honoured that they had bought it, and yes, I have some really simple ways to get the most out of the kit straightaway, for beginners, kids, and parents. I wrote them a little note, but then thought, why not share it with everyone. So here are some of my tip top tips:

Does it work on my...

First they asked me if it would work with their Kindle. Well, if you're wondering the same, or have another tablet or computer here is a list of all the devices the wand works on.

If you get stuck on anything please try our Troubleshooter or go to help.kano.me

Where to start

I would start in the Play section. Click on any image to open up the creation and play with it. Wave your wand, try any spell motions you can see in the code. Have fun.

Try tweaking the code

Then, like the Weasley Twins in the video above, try messing around with the object blocks, sound blocks, and some numbers to see what happens. Change the object in the object block, the spell motions, the sounds. There are so many creatures, objects, sounds, backgrounds, and spell motions to use that aren't in any challenge. Go crazy, see if you can make something new.

Then click on the save icon on the bottom right to save it to Kano World.

Go to Kano World

Then try going into the Kano World section. This is a place that is constantly updating with new creations made by people all over the world. Click on any creation to open it up and play with it.

But that's not all. Kano World is really special because by clicking on the Remix button under any creation, enables you to see the code behind that creation.

Again you can tweak the code, change the background, alter the sounds, add new spell motions, to make something new. Then click the save icon to save it to Kano World, for anyone else to play.

Take on challenges

The Challenges section is where all our step-by-step challenges are kept. Look around the map for the pulsing orange stars. You'll unlock more as you progress.

Every challenge comes with instructions to follow. But also costumes to unlock for your profile. The more challenges you complete, the more you'll learn about coding, and the more costumes you'll unlock for your avatar.

Learn how to perform spell motions

If, like Ron Weasley, you're struggling to perform spell motions, here is a helpful video to watch. Not all challenges use one or more of the 25 official spell motions, but they can be incredibly fun to use in your own creations. Some of them are really tricky, but very rewarding when you get it right.

Click on New Creation

This is the real heart of the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit. The tool you have been learning to use. With it you can make your own magic, using tons of extra objects, creatures, sounds, music, and the coding skills you have learned.

Click on the "New Creation" button to open the coding window, and start playing with the code blocks. You can even see the JavaScript behind your creation, by clicking on the JavaScript tab on the right of the screen. Move some blocks, and see the code update live!

Remember to share it with Kano World!

Wand not connecting?

While playing with the Kano app you may see this little button pop up:

To save battery, your Coding Wand may go to sleep when not being used. Before clicking the CONNECT button on your tablet do this...

  1. Click the button on your Coding Wand to wake it up, check the lights come back on. (If the light doesn't come back on your batteries may need changing)

  2. Click CONNECT in the app. Wait a couple of seconds, and the wand should reconnect.

  3. Click the wand button again to re-centre your Coding Wand.

Remember, You have to click both the wand button and the CONNECT button in the app to re-connect your wand. If you don't, it may appear as if your wand is not connecting.

If you're still stuck try our Troubleshooter

Look out for Coding Wand emails from Kano

You should get a series of emails from Kano after signing up to Kano. These will have tips, tricks, projects, blog posts, and more to try out with the Coding Wand. Share these with your kids, make something together.

Some other projects to try




I hope that has been of some use. There's so much to make, play, and conjure with the Harry Potter Kano Kit, remember to have a look around, mess with some code, try different blocks, sounds, and more. See what happens, what you can make.

And if you do get stuck go to: help.kano.me


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