Three Things on Thursday #4

Hello, and welcome to the fourth edition of Three Things on Thursday.

What are these things? This week’s things, all celebrate their 30th Birthday in 2019. Featuring: the World Wide Web, the Nintendo Game Boy, and the Disney Classic - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

Why are we sharing them? They’re things someone at Kano found interesting, and I thought you'd like to see them too.

Sound good? Let’s go look at the things!

1. 30 Years on, what’s next For The Web?

This week, the World Wide Web (not the Internet!),celebrated its 30th Birthday.

If you're anything like me, then you’ve probably been using the terms Internet, and Web interchangeably for years... Guess what? We’ve been getting it wrong!

Thankfully, the folks over at Ted have made this handy animation which explains exactly what the World Wide Web is, and how it works.

So now we know what the web is, how did it celebrate its big 3-0?

Along with crowd sourcing a public timeline of the last 30 years of the web...

...Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder and inventor of the Web, asked a big question: What’s next for the Web?

Today, 30 years on from my original proposal for an information management system, half the world is online. It’s a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come, but also an opportunity to reflect on how far we have yet to go.

The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor’s office, a shop, a school, a design studio, an office, a cinema, a bank, and so much more. Of course with every new feature, every new website, the divide between those who are online and those who are not increases, making it all the more imperative to make the web available for everyone.

And while the web has created opportunity, given marginalised groups a voice, and made our daily lives easier, it has also created opportunity for scammers, given a voice to those who spread hatred, and made all kinds of crime easier to commit.

Read the full article at

2. What to do with a 30 year old game console?

This year, the Nintendo Game Boy turns 30, and whilst you could use it as intended... could also put your maker-hacker skills to the test, and update the retro-gamers favourite, with a brand new brain!

3. The Special Effects of: Honey, I shrunk the Kids

Spoiler Alert: We’re going to be looking behind the scenes of a 30 year old movie... so if you haven't seen it, and would like to, you may want to turn away now!

Still with us?


In the summer of 1989, Walt Disney Studios introduced the world to inventor Wayne Szalinski - loving father, and accidental shrinker of children, in the summer blockbuster: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Now actually shrinking kids is frowned upon, so the team at Disney turned to the world of Special Effects, and created amazing models that scaled sets, and props up, and people down!

To celebrate the 30th birthday of one of my favourite movies, I’ve pulled together three clips of tiny people in a gigantic world, and the behind-the-scenes photography that shows how Disney made it happen.


Giant Cereal Bowl

Back Yard Jungle


Edition #4 done!

See you next week, for more Three Things on Thursday.

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