Three Things on Thursday #25

Hello, and welcome to the 25th edition of Three Things on Thursday.

This week, our things include: Cracking the uncrackable code of Jim Sanborn's Kryptos sculpture, how Morse Code can make devices more accessible (including your phone!), and decoding the Enigma machine with Simon Singh.

Let’s go check them out!

1. Cracking the Uncrackable Code

“Jim Sanborn created a sculpture containing a secret message. It sits on the grounds of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Yet no one has been able to solve it. Code breakers from around the world have tried for 30 years. They’re stumped. The artist meets with people like cryptologist Elonka Dunin who are desperate to solve the mystery at his Maryland studio every year or so. But Sanborn won’t divulge any clues. It’s too much fun keeping everyone guessing.”

2. Add Morse Code to your iPhone or Android Device

Developer Tania Finlayson found her voice through Morse code. Now she’s partnering with Google to bring Morse code to Gboard, so others can try it for accessible communication.

You can add morse to your iOS or Android device through the Google Gboard App.

New to Morse Code? Fear not, Google have you covered with the Morse Typing Trainer for Chrome, or for your iOS or Android device using the Gboard app.

3. The Enigma Machine Explained

“As technology increases, so do the methods of encryption and decryption we have at our disposal. World War II saw wide use of various codes from substitution ciphers to employing Navajo code talkers in the Pacific theater. Here, science journalist and author Simon Singh demonstrates the German enigma machine, a typewriter-like device used to encrypt communications. He demonstrates not only its operation, but both the strength and fatal flaws in its method.”

Edition #25 done!

See you next week, for more Three Things on Thursday.

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