Three Things on Thursday #23

Hello, and welcome to the 23rd edition of Three Things on Thursday.

This week, our things include: Connecting communities in Iraq and the USA through art, one Kano engineer = 13.5 Batman, and the gunslinging greatness of Mad Dog McCree.

Let’s go check them out!

1. Opening Lines - Connecting Classrooms and Communities Through Art

One Blue Sky is a street art project that aims to instill within children a shared humanity.

This year, they have worked with artist [Pat Perry] (, to create Opening Lines - a collaborative art project based around two murals, one in Selmani, Iraq, and the other in Biddeford, USA that shows the global connection, relationship and cultural overlap between these geographically disparate locations and the people within them.


2. Russell weighs 13.5 Batman (Batmen?)

This week, Russell (one of our wonderful engineers) learned of a new (old) unit of measure, the Batman - and shared that he weighed 13.5 of them.

In no way connected to the superhero, and long out of use, the Batman was a unit of measure in the Ottoman Empire, and in modern terms is equivilent to approximately 7.4KG.

We wish Russell the best as he converts to the Batman (Batmen?!).

Learn more about Batman (the unit, not the superhero) on Wikipedia.

3. The Gunslinging Greatness of Mad Dog McCree

In 1990, arcades began to face tough competition from companies like Gameboy and Nintendo that were bringing the video game experience into the living room. In order to stand out in the new marketplace, arcades began creating novelty experiences to bring gamers back into the fold. One of these experiments was “Mad Dog McCree,” an interactive, Western-themed arcade game, and one of the first of its kind to bring a live-action element into the gaming world. The end result? A game so bad you can’t help but love it. Twenty-five years later, Great Big Story reunited with the original actors on the New Mexico ranch where the game was first filmed.

Edition #23 done!

See you next week, for more Three Things on Thursday.

Chris ~ Resident Collector of Things

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