This week's #KanoChallenge

Wow the world with your DJ skills

It’s pretty hard to follow up on last weeks Halloween Challenge, but we’ll try! We hope you guys enjoyed getting spooky with Kano, we absolutely loved these good Kano / bad Kano pumpkins:

This week we are taking things from spooky to smooth: by using the Kano Kit to become a DJ:

  • learn how to make tunes through code using Sonic Pi

  • broadcast music to any radio by making your own radio station

  • and use Kano instead of airplay to play music in another room

Once you have had a go at Sonic Pi on your kit head over to Kano World where you will find two handy tutorials: the make your own radio station tutorial will help you set up your radio station and the airplay tutorial will help you play music remotely. The radio station tutorial even comes with this handy how-to video. But wait – before you take over the airwaves with your mad DJ skills – check that you have everything you need:

1 x Kano Kit

1 x Jumper Wire with female jumper

Don’t forget we want to hear from you – send us screenshots of your code, photos of your radio, videos of you rocking out, or the playlists you make!

Get your projects to us by Sunday night and we’ll share the greats next week.

Submit them to or tweet them with the hashtag #KanoChallenge

If you need a hand, head over to this weeks project discussion in the forums and ask around or give us a shout– we are always here to help.

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