This week's #KanoChallenge

Customise your Kano!

You got it, you built it, you set it up. Now we want to see how far you can go when you personalise your Kano.

We’ve seen stickers stuck to everything, carrying cases built from lego, now we want to see you take Kano customisation to the next level. 

Submit photos, videos and snapshots of your customised Kano’s for your chance to win a Kano t-shirt! We’ve put together a few handy tutorials if you want a hand – but remember the best ideas will come from you.

We want you guys to go nuts – knit your Kano a fluffy case, fill the command line with ASCII art, paint the town orange! 

Don’t forget we want to hear about it – the most exciting thing about Kano is what you make. Send us screenshots from your Kano, photos or videos of your creations! Submit them to or tweet them with the hashtag #KanoChallenge and we’ll share the best ones!