Sharing is Caring. Save $10, £10 or €10 off when you refer a friend

Hands up, who likes sharing cool stuff with their friends? Keep your hands up if you want to be the coolest friend? Yep, so do we and is the reason why we have recently launched a friend referral scheme where you and a friend can get $10, £10 or €10 off for your next purchase at Kano.

We’ve recently sent an email to our friends, makers and believers (only the ones who told us they wanted to hear from us, of course) to let you all know about these new options.

Now, anyone can let their friends know they can get $10, £10 or €10 discount on their next purchase at Kano. In return they also get the same amount for each friend they bring, just as a token of gratitude for helping us spread the voice. This means that if somebody brings 10 friends, they will be entitled to $100, £100 or €100 off at Kano!

The key part of this campaign is the first and last name of the person sharing the promotion (eg, Jane Brown). These two details are needed so friends can enter them on checkout to get their $10, £10 or €10 discount.

We’ve made the friend referral easy. But just in case, here’s a mini guide to help the person sharing and their friends on how the system works.

Person sharing

  1. Click on the link in the email to activate your name as a person sharing.

  1. Start sharing the offer by telling friends to use your name at the checkout so they can get their discount.

  1. For each friend who redeems using your first and last name, we’ll email you with a unique code to get your discount (so keep an eye on your inbox).

  2. Keep track of your status by checking your dashboard (link to dashboard will be in the email you receive once you activate your name). Really handy to see how many friends you have shared the offer with, how many people have used your name and you can continue spread the word of the offer to your friends.

TIP: If you have received multiple discount codes that you would like to redeem together in your next order, please contact the Customer Care team who can do this for you.


  1. Visit Kano and proceed with your normal shopping and add your items into the cart .

  2. On the shopping cart but before you checkout, you will see a Been referred by a friend link, click on it.

  1. Type in your friend’s first and last name.

TIP: If the name of the person sharing cannot be found, these may be the reasons why:

a) There might be a spelling/typo error in the name, have a look and see if you know the name of your friend well enough.

b) The store you are trying to purchase at is in a different region to where the person sharing the offer made their purchase or activated their name for sharing. We have four regions (US, UK, EU and Rest of World). You can only redeem when you are purchasing from the same region as where the person sharing activated their name.

  1. When we have found a match, simply give us your email address.

  1. We will supply you with your unique code once you’ve entered your email address (we’ll email it to you too).

  1. Visit your cart at Kano and click the CHECK OUT button.

  1. Enter your code in the discount bar and click on Apply.

  1. Your discount will now appear.

  1. When you purchase, you can now also spread the word as well and tell your friends about Kano. Just like you, they can get $10, £10 or €10 off their purchase and in return, you will be rewarded with the same amount off your next purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the friend referral scheme, you can contact our Customer Care team who will be happy to hear from you.

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