Remake the world’s oldest video game for the #HourofCode


In case you hadn’t heard about it from the likes of Obama, Shakira or Bill Gates, this week is the week of the Hour of Code.

What’s it all about?

The Hour of Code is a global initiative that takes place during Computer Science Education Week, running from December 8th – 14th.

Students across the globe will dedicate one whole hour (at a time of their choosing) to learning how to code. If you are a teacher interested in taking part you can download the resources here.

Are your kids taking part?

This movement aligns perfectly with the Kano ethos, and so to support and celebrate we are revamping our awesome Make Pong web app.

You are sure to recognise Pong – the oldest mass market video game in the world – and its iconic look. We teamed up with Atari inventor Al Alcorn to give anyone, anywhere the chance to make Pong.

With our Make Pong app kids can code and design their own version of the classic Atari game. The 15 levels will take about an hour to complete and at the end of the game they’ll get a personalised certificate!

If we can’t persuade you – maybe one of these guys will: