(Re)Launching the Kano Forums!


Today we're very excited to announce we're opening a brand-new forum for our maker community. This is a place for discussion aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the Kano kits, share projects or case studies, discuss hacks and much more.

We used to have forums in the past but they were not working as intended so we had to close them for a while to bring them back in a better, more useful form. Now, we're bringing them back for all our community to enjoy!

There are spaces for developers to chat software and hardware, for teachers to share experiences, for anyone to get help with their kits and much much more.

We will also use the forums as the place where you'll be able to keep track of things like our Kano OS release notes and much more. The forums are available right now so don't hesitate, create an account (takes 2 minutes) and join the discussions or open a new thread!

Welcome to the forums!

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