Raspberry Pi 2, say what?!

Just 7 months after the Raspberry Pi faithful were surprised by the launch of the B+, an upgrade from the B model bringing more USB ports and better power management, the Pi Foundation has made yet another shock announcement to the world.

In a London press conference on Monday morning the Foundation unveiled the Raspberry Pi 2. The new model has specs up there with a not-too-shabby smartphone – think Samsung Galaxy S2 – including a quad core 900Mhz processor and 1GB RAM, all on a board the same size and form factor as the B+.

This leap has been claimed by the Pi foundation to offer a six-fold improvement in processing performance in one benchmarking test. And the rude-not-to $35 price tag continues to place the Pi as a perfect option for hackers, makers and educators alike.

There have been mutterings about this board for years but the launch date was speculated as having been scheduled as far away as 2017. In the meantime, many users have turned to the other single board computers that have been released in recent years, generally offering bolstered specs and better performance, but nobody has been able to rival the community and support of the Pi Foundation.

What does this mean in practice?

The Raspberry Pi 2 offers:

  • Shorter load times
  • The ability to multitask
  • Potentially a full version of Minecraft!!

The opportunities that this upgrade offers are exciting, and as the device has started shipping right away, the new Pi 2 is in the office and all testing signs are good… Stay tuned!

*This is what it looks like. So intricate.*

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