Power Up your Pixel Kit with Firmware V1.0.2

Hey there Makers, Hackers, Tinkerers, and Pixel Kit owners of all ages!

Today we launched the V1.0.2 firmware update for the Kano Pixel Kit.

But what is firmware? How do you update it? And what can you do afterwards?

Let's find out!

What is Firmware?

Think of it as the brain of the Pixel Kit.

But unlike your brain which can learn and adapt, firmware is a specific non changing set of instructions that tell the Pixel Kit how to work.

Firmware lets the Pixel Kit know how to turn its LED lights on an off, how to interpret you pushing its buttons, and what to do when you upload an animation to it.

A firmware update scrubs the instructions, and replaces them with new ones, that fix bugs, and improve the way a device works.

Now wiping the brain of your Pixel Kit, and replacing it with a new one might sound scary, but fear not! It's super simple, 100% pain free, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

How to Update Your Firmware

The firmware update itself happens automatically, but there are a few steps you need to follow to make sure everything happens as it should.

To make it super simple, I've broken down the process into a step-by-step guide.

Let's do it!

Step 1:

Make sure that your Pixel Kit is charged, and that you have the latest version of the Kano App installed on your computer.

Step 2:

Connect your pixel kit to your computer using the USB cable, start the Kano App, and then power on your Pixel Kit using the red button on the side.

The update will run automatically and take around 20 seconds.

Step 3:

Once the update is installed, click the orange button to continue. Then restart the Kano App.

To finish the update you need to remove your Pixel Kit from the Kano App, and then add it back in as a new device.

Step 4:

To remove your Pixel Kit, click on the cog icon, and then the trash can...

...don't worry, you won't lose your creations, they're saved on Kano World!

Step 5:

To add your pixel kit back into the Kano App, click on the big plus symbol next to "ADD A KIT"...

..then click the "I HAVE BUILT MY KIT" button.

Check that your Pixel Kit is connected to your computer using the USB cable. Then click the "DONE" button.

Your computer will take up to a minute to detect your Pixel Kit.

Whoop! Your Pixel Kit is now reconnected to the Kano App, and you're almost ready to code.

Step 6:

You may need to reconnect your Pixel Kit to your Wi-Fi Network (optional).

Choose the Wi-Fi network that your computer is connected to...

...enter its password (you might need to ask whoever's in charge of the internet in your house for this password!), click "CONNECT"...

...and you're connected!

Step 7:

If you haven't used your Pixel Kit for a while, or updated to a new version of the Kano App, you may need to log back into your Kano World Profile.

Just enter your Kano World user name and password...

...and you're ready to code!

Add Some Animations!

Now that you have a freshly updated Pixel Kit, why not try uploading some animations into its three memory slots?

Here at Kano HQ, in London, I've been having fun with weather animations - as the autumn skies have changed from cloudy, to sunny, to stormy, and back again - and put the three you see below into the slots on my Pixel Kit, as a colourful reminder of what the weather's doing outside.

Don't forget, that you can find thousands of creations like this on Kano World, that you can try out on your Pixel Kit, remix, and then share them for other people to try out, remix, and share, again and again!

Excited to see what you create. :-)

A.K.A TyrantLizardRex

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