Of codes and the computer arts: Alex’s TEDx Talk

Ideas grow up fast – ours came from a 7-year-old, Micah. He wanted a computer he could make himself, as simple and fun as Lego. Now, for the first time, you can hear our origin story from Micah’s cousin (that is, Kano’s cofounder) Alex.

It’s a tale of how art, science, and a simple storybook came together to create and kickstart a dream. That dream became a team, filled with misfits from 10 corners of the globe.

Watch an audience turn into a binary array, hear how an exploding Macbook sparked a Catch-22. It’s a story about ancient cave paintings and the first computers (they were people who did sums). It’s about the first computer programmer (Ada Lovelace, who called programming “the poetical science.”)

It’s also about a new creative generation, rising in places oft-ignored, like Sierra Leone, Nairobi, and Mongolia – teaching themselves with DIY tools, reimagining solutions faster than all the world’s think tanks combined.

It’s about the International Space Station and the Wu-Tang Clan, and the open merging of codebases that make both fly.

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