Mount a laser on your wrist, then: PEW PEW!

Integrating the digital into the physical world is always an interesting challenge, but one we've seen successfully executed in today's project. Some of you might be familiar with the PipBoy from the Fallout videogame series, a wrist-mounted computer device that serves as personal assistant. Inspired by the mounting on this device our team set to explore creative ideas around the Pixel Kit, and came up with... the wrist-mounted laser!

This project uses the Pixel Kit and a custom, 3D printed mount that attachs to one's wrist. Once mounted the kit displays an animation when a button is pressed, displaying a fiery laser being fired! The project is available in Kano Code with full editable source code ready to be remixed right here.

The code is quite straightforward. To make the laser animation we've used the animation editor built within Kano Code, painting each of the animation frames individually, as a pixel-art animator for a videogame would do.

This animation is then saved and called Laser Play. The code for the app just makes sure to set the animation to play when the button B is pressed, and also to check the animation doesn't loop unless the shoot button is pressed.

And that's it, you got yourself a laser beam that you can now include in your next halloween costume! You can remix the project and change the color of the laser, make it even flashier, or even alter the effects on it, up to you!

Get yourself a Pixel Kit on our Kickstarter!

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