MAP Product
ProductKano Part NumberMAP
Kano Computer Kit Touch1010-02, 1010B-02$279.99
Kano Computer Kit Complete1005-02, 1005-02-E$249.99
Kano Computer Kit1000K-02, 1000K-02-E$149.99
Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit1007, 1007B$99.99
Kano Pixel Kit1003, 1003-E$79.99
Kano Motion Sensor Kit1006, 1006-E$29.99

What is MAP?

Advertising is the means by which customers ascertain the value of a product. To encourage resellers to help establish the value of Kano products, Kano maintains a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.

By setting MAP for use in advertising Kano products (in media such as print, television, radio, the internet, social media, direct mail, and catalog sales) and by providing advertising funds to support ads that meet the MAP guidelines, Kano is working to establish the appropriate perceived value of its products in the minds of its customers.

Kano is building a strong brand name and loyalty among consumers and does not wish to support any advertising or promotions that would have the effect of diminishing or detracting from the perceived value of Kano’s products. Kano’s Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy supports fair competition and discourages advertised price disparity for its products.

By agreeing to this MAP policy you are also agreeing to not resell those Kano products purchased on Amazon reseller sites.

The MAP Policy applies equally to all Resellers who sell and advertise Kano products directly to end-user customers. Resellers are free to sell and advertise Kano products at whatever price they deem appropriate, but to qualify for MAP program benefits, Kano products advertised must comply with the MAP Policy.

MAP Partner Benefits

Provided that a channel partner is in full compliance with Kano’s MAP guidelines, the Channel Partner may qualify for:

  • Co-op/MDF funding
  • Sell-thru rebates
  • Product allocation

General Information

All products listed must be sold directly to the end user. Any unauthorized movement of products to another Reseller, or by Reseller to another division, exporter, or any other unauthorized organization is a violation of MAP policy.

The MAP guidelines described in this document relate to advertising only. If you as a reseller decide to advertise below MAP, and Kano has indicated that it is willing to fund a portion of your advertising, your advertising payments will be affected.

A departure from MAP may at the absolute discretion of Kano result in the loss of the quarterly advertising funds and/or sell-thru rebates in the quarter in which the MAP was in violation as well as the following quarter, not to exceed 2 total quarters. A departure from MAP will also result in the Reseller being deprioritized at the absolute discretion of Kano when the product is on allocation.

For avoidance of doubt, this MAP policy does not grant any reseller the right to act as a reseller for Kano products for any particular term.

The MAP guidelines apply to the advertisement of closed box Kano product only. (Used, factory refurbished, demonstration or reseller-reconditioned units are not covered if advertised as such.)

MAP and the Internet

At Kano, we view the Internet as any other medium for advertising Kano products, and the same rules and violations that apply to print also apply to resellers who use this electronic medium for advertising, and/or price offering or order placement. To remain in compliance with the MAP guidelines all advertised prices should be at or above the MAP listed price prior to placement in the shopping cart or member price.

Moreover, shopping cart or member price can not appear on Ebay, Price Grabber, Google or similar price comparison or auction sites; as well as, or similar sites that accept third party marketplace type feeds. Any appearance in price comparison or auction sites below MAP is a violation of the MAP guidelines.

A Review of Your Ad is Available to Help Ensure MAP Compliance

To make it easier for you to create product ads that meet the MAP guidelines, Kano
offers a free service to review your advertising before placement. This service, available to all Resellers, checks proposed advertising (layouts) for compliance with MAP, as well as for compliance with activity guidelines, required content, and Kano logo guidelines.

To access this service, submit your materials to 30 days in advance of your publication date and we will respond within 14 days approving the materials or otherwise. You can also contact for general compliance questions. Kano shall determine compliance with its MAP guidelines at its sole discretion.

Complying with the MAP Guidelines

We try to keep the MAP guidelines as easy to understand and adhere to as possible. By following important points listed throughout this document, your advertising efforts will remain in compliance with the MAP program.

  • If you choose to advertise prices for Kano products in your promotional efforts, the pricing for them must be at or above the current MAP listing. Example: During non-promo periods “Special Offer on Kano Computer Kit! $149 before instant savings”

  • The advertisement of reduced prices on services or products from other manufacturers—in conjunction with the purchase of Kano MAP-listed products—is not a violation of the MAP guidelines.
    This policy gives you the flexibility to create product/service combinations that will entice customers into your store. Example: “Special Offer! Purchase a Kano Computer Kit for $149 and any iPod Touch and save $50.00!

  • You may advertise another company’s service or product as part of a bundle as long as the combined advertised price or the premium priced product is not below MAP. Examples:
    “Special Offer! Kano Computer Kit plus any iPod Touch case for $149”, “Purchase any iPad $499 and receive a free Kano Computer Kit!”.

  • A below-MAP price that results from a promotion or an end-user rebate offered by Kano is not a violation of the MAP guidelines. Please indicate “Kano Rebate” in the ad.

  • No “minus-outs” or words such as “subtract,” “take away,” “less,” may be used if it makes the price of the product below MAP

  • Storewide promotions relating to all products may be advertised in a title or headline format at the top of a page or ad. However, individual Kano products within the body of the ad must continue to meet MAP. Examples: “Save 10% on all iPhone accessory products, limited time offer”, “Store Wide Sale, Everything 10% off! Kano Computer Kit $149 before savings”.

MAP List

It is important to remember that the MAP Guidelines is the only document on which all compliance will be based, and it supersedes all other communications. All current products under the MAP program can be requested by contacting your Kano Sales Representative. However, your Sales Representative is not authorized to answer questions about the MAP Guidelines. Any questions about the MAP Guidelines should be sent to


The MAP listing can change more than once a month, please check the MAP listing each time you advertise. Kano may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, modify products, prices and these guidelines.