Making Super Detailed Art with Pixels

You can create some really cool low-res pixel art, and animations with the Pixel Kit’s 16x8 grid of 128 RGB LEDs.

But what could you do if you had lots more pixels, and (much) higher resolution?

Well, you could make super detailed pixel art. Like these amazing wallpapers, created entirely of pixels, by our friend, the über talented @Retronator!

The Matrix

International Space Station Tracker

Running Man


ZX Spectrum

Super Cool!

To go with these incredibly detailed wallpapers, @Retronator recreated some of his art in low-res, using Kano Code - like this awesome International Space Station Tracker, which you can try out for yourself on your Pixel Kit.

Don't forget - You can code and create your own pixel art on Kano World without a kit, for free! So even if you don't have a Pixel Kit of your own, you can still check out Retronator’s creations, remix, and share them with your fellow creative coders.

Have Fun!

A.K.A TyrantLizardRex

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