Make PONG! One week left! Backers FTW!

# Make your own Pong game!

In 1972, Al Alcorn got handed a “warm-up exercise” at his new job (Atari), and came up with Pong: two paddles, one ball, and soon after, lines of people around the block to play it, all over the world.

Pong’s still classic, and still awesome, and we wanted to give backers a chance to make it their own – plus it’s Code Week! This is an early version of Make Pong, a Level in Kano OS, and a sneak peak at Kano Blocks. Backers, you know best – what do you think?

You can use Make Pong to complete the [Pong challenge on Codecademy](, which has tons of amazing tutorials.

One week left on Kickstarter!

[![Click the image to help us get the word out!](]( the image to help us get the word out!
When we hit our funding goal, we knew we could make an awesome, accessible computer kit, and get it to your doorstep. Now, we’ve brought [kits to Africa](, pushed [out new art for all,]( and we’re working with you to [translate Kano into over 22 languages. ](

We hope you like Pong, which was our 1 million stretch goal – if we hit the magic 2 million, we’ll make a robotics kit. Here’s a very early prototype, named Steve.

# Let your friends know on [Twitter](,%20create%20games%20and%20music,%20and%20start%20coding%20with%20@TeamKano.%20Reserve%20your%20own%20kit%20on%20@Kickstarter:%20 and [Facebook](
** (And a little “backer-pride" cover photo):**
[![click for the full size version!](]( for the full size version!
# Thanks and love,

Alex, Yonatan, and @TeamKano

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