Launching free, regular updates and projects for Kano Code!


As some of you might be aware we just recently launched our new coding platform, Kano Code. Kano Code is a free online coding editor created by our team where both newbies and pros can code apps. It has a visual, block-based interface and it can be used it from any web browser even if you don't own a Kano Computer Kit.

Since we released the first version a couple of months ago our team has been working very hard on the platform and today we are happy to announce our plans for the future.

Learn to code with guided, challenges, tutorials and examples. Curated by Kano.

Starting today, we will be updating Kano Code regularly with new tutorials, projects and challenges. These come free of any charge and we aim to bring you new and interesting bundles every two weeks!

These projects will come with the Kano seal of quality, the one trusted by hundreds of educators around the world. The projects will range from guided tutorials for beginners to complex challenges for those a bit more experienced.

On top of that, during these two week periods between content releases we will also run additional challenges, bring community members to contribute with their own projects and even join you for some live-coding on our Twitch channel.

All ages, all over the world

Each of the content releases will be themed, starting with our first one ever, named 'Around the World'. We are lucky enough to have community members from distant parts of the globe, from Kenya to Finland, from New Zealand to South America. People from many places and backgrounds are learning with Kano and we wanted to celebrate this diversity with a varied range of tutorials.

You can can access the new contents for 'Around the World' through the head banner of this page. We hope you enjoy the challenges we have in store for you! Come up with your own creations and share them in Kano World, so others can remix them and make their own.

As a note, some of you might be wondering if we have any news about the localisation of the Kano books. If this is the case you might want to keep an eye open for some news right here on the Kano blog in the near future ;).

We want to give anyone a simple and fun way to make and play with technology and take control of the world around them. With Kano Code you can learn how to code and build creative and cool apps, art, music and games and we hope you'll enjoy building your own too!

Much love.
Team Kano.

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