Kids Take Over Web Summit

New tools, new powers.

And that was more than obvious at Dublin’s Web Summit, the largest technology summit in Europe. The Summit has welcomed some 22,000 people from more than 100 countries to hear from 600 different speakers on the biggest issues in tech.

Our very own co-founder, Alex, was invited to give a speech on the Builder Stage. “We need to make builders mainstream”, he said, all while putting together the pieces of a computer on stage. He made a computer from scratch in just a few minutes – it’s that easy.  


Image taken from: Web Summit Photostream flickr

Kids everywhere are able to fully understand this easiness. They get how new technologies work and some have even started to build their own. 

14-year-old Jordan Casey built an app that helps with event management.


Image taken from:The Irish Times 

10-year-old Lauren Boyle created a series of lifestyle websites aimed at children under 12.


Image taken from: @LaurenBoyleTech (Twitter)

12-year-old Coder Dojo Niamh Scanlon’s app helps people find a free charging spot for their electric cars.


Image taken from:

But building is only the second step. The first step is curiosity – a trait that we all equally possess! Alex’s last message was: “look inside, take control, make and play”.

@rowlsmanthorpe: Let them eat Raspberry Pi. @alexnklein from @teamkano shows off his DIY computer #websummit

— Alex Klein (@alexnklein)
November 6, 2014