Kickstarter Update #23: 60 Day Countdown – Here we go magic...

Backers of Earth,

For a good idea to become real, there has to be a moment between mania and magic… A perfect moment when the creative chaos crystallizes – into something simple, beautiful.  Like a World Cup goal, a dueling guitar solo, or a well-made soufflé. 

We’re in that moment now – surging speakers, mixing dyes, printing packaging, folding cards, soldering boards… Play and power should go together. High-tech should be highly simple. And now, with your love and faith and power, the first computer kit for all is coming to life. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience. We’re still on track to ship Early Bird kits on July 23rd, and the rest, on July 30th. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Making and playing

![Clipping pieces in Kano HQ]( pieces in Kano HQ
![The Kano custom case – Jingjing clipped it 357 times to test its strength!]( Kano custom case – Jingjing clipped it 357 times to test its strength!
![A special PCB for Bluetooth and RF – a world keyboard first!]( special PCB for Bluetooth and RF – a world keyboard first!
![A new page from the Kano Books]( new page from the Kano Books

A simple story

Sometimes, to know where you’re going, you’ve got to look back on where you’ve been. We’ve been asked a few times how Kano began. Here’s Alex, our cofounder, telling the story – with poetry, twinkling phones, and space stations – at TEDxTeen 2014.

And Yonatan, our cofounder, at Silicon Real, unravels how we grew from a small London flat to the world’s first computer that anyone can make:

Force fields, rockets, and inner worlds

That’s what Kano OS can do. Take a look for Matrix missions and Minecraft mastery – then get the beta:

Some good news – and a 10% discount 

Many of you have told us that you want to get Kano for your friends, classroom, team, or cheese-tasting commune. As a thanks, we’re offering a discount. If you order more than 10 kits, you’ll get 10% off – wherever you live. Click here for the codes, and don’t forget to…

The geeks have spoken

We gave a few software writers an early look at our beta, and the reviews are in. “Basically the best computing teaching tool we’ve ever seen,” says Linux UserSure to electrify the imagination of many children around the world,"says Linux Voice.

Best one this month? 10-year-old Ophelia said she was ”addicted“ to Kano, and "the only problem is that, if I got one, I wouldn’t be doing anything else other than playing it.”

We have to praise you like we should

You’ve waited since November, given us ideas and inspiration, and filled our inboxes with more and more reasons to love you. We’re working night and day to deliver your computer with extra “wow” – simple as Lego, powered by play, for all ages, all over the world.Say hi any time, with any question*. Your kit is coming – thanks for your patience, and for being with us.