Kano for education: creating a new generation of coders

When we describe our education programs at Kano, many are surprised to learn that we're in 86 countries across the globe. Over 700 learning spaces are supported by Kano for after-school clubs, makerspaces, and lessons during the school day. We have seen kids imagine, create, and solve problems with Kano from Sierra Leone to San Francisco, all with their computer kit that’s as simple and fun to build as Lego.

On September 27th, we launched our new creative computing system on Kickstarter, the simple and engaging coding interface Kano Code, which controls 3 new physical kits: a pixel kit, camera kit, and speaker kit anyone can make. Kano Code can be accessed from most web browsers and can be used even without the physical kits. There are hundreds of projects to get started with right now!

Living at the seam of digital and physical, our new range of kits is a game changer. As digital skills are increasingly in demand by employers, it's critical to engage young people early in the pipeline. And as 65% of jobs that our primary school kids are going to apply for currently don’t exist yet, 21st century skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity are important now more than ever. Our kits are unparalleled in their potential to empower people to code apps in their digital and physical world.

That’s why at Kano, we’re proud to introduce our latest brainwave: kits to code the world around us. Kids will be coding their camera to capture creativity sparks and moments, coding sound to alert others of their mastery and lighting up their world with LEDs.

We know that whilst our kits are exciting you may need a few hands and minds to help implement them in your context.

That’s why we’re committed to co-creation. We love jumping on the phone with teachers in Florida, San Francisco and Georgia talking about how to best use Kano in their schools. We look at the curriculum and learning objectives and co-design a program that is tailored to their learners’ needs. The way that Kano has been implemented across the curriculum has been inspiring. With our new kits, we’ve worked with schools already to codevelop new schools projects aligned with curricula. Some examples include:

  • Connected School: Classrooms scroll announcements and data on the Kano pixel kit.
  • Weather Station: Groups program the camera to take photos under different weather conditions, code sounds for weather alerts, and scroll weather data across the pixel screen.
  • Music Master: Groups create pixel displays to different tunes and program songs triggered by gestures with the speaker kit.

We’re three weeks away from the end of our Kickstarter and we’ve raised nearly $400,000 already. But we need your help. We need your help to make our vision for education a reality. A learning system where kids are creating the world around them and developing their computational confidence at a speed they only dreamed of.

By backing our Class or Academy Tier, you will be one of the first places in the country to be creating using the latest Kano technology. Building and coding speakers, cameras and pixel grids. And we’ll support you along the way.

Share our story. Back us and be part of the future.

For more information, please get in touch with our education team.

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