Kano Stories: Chloe and Hollie

Kano loves collaborating. In the last month alone, our office has hosted entire classes of schoolchildren, some of the hottest emerging design talents from Central Saint Martins and even a group of classical dancers. We watch these creative souls build their first computer, and learn as much from them as possible, so we can improve our kits and software, and get inspiration for brand new products.

We were recently visited by 7-year-old Chloe Bridgewater and her 5-year-old sister Hollie. We first learned about Chloe when she applied for a job at Google, and got a fantastic response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. We were delighted (but maybe not surprised) to learn that Chloe & Hollie are big fans of Kano’s Computer Kit, so we started talking to them about their experiences building a computer, learning to code, and beyond. We were so impressed that we're making Chloe & Hollie our first ever Product Innovation Judoka. Tip: a Judoka is a practitioner of Judo and Kano is named after Kano Jigoro, the inventor of Judo.

Chloe & Hollie will be earning their Judoka titles. They’ll be sent every new Kano product before it comes to market, with the task of building the kits, working through the software, and putting our whole product range through its paces. Every quarter, they’ll be on a video call with Luke Abrams our VP Product (alongside their Dad, Andy), where they’ll share their experiences, and insights on how to make our products even better. Chloe and Hollie are just the beginning of Kano’s Product Innovation Board, we’ll be announcing new members of the Board (and how you can apply) very soon.

Kano has always believed that technology should be made by the many, not a privileged elite. By putting makers like Chloe and Hollie at the heart of our product development process, we’re taking another step forward in our mission.

Do you have an inspiring story to tell? Reach out to us, we want to hear it.

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