Kano Settings: the Swiss Army knife of utilities, now on GitHub

So far in our opensourcing journey, we’ve shown you Snake, our auto-updater, and a desktop manager. This week: Kano Settings, our system settings utility. Kano Settings is a Swiss Army knife: crammed with lots of useful applications, all conveniently packaged together for ease of use and topped off with a lovely UI. It’s a great tool, especially for beginners, to get started quickly without having to tinker with different config files.

Here’s what you get:

  • Wifi – set up your WiFi in a snap and remember your preferences for later
  • Keyboard – quickly configure for different country/region keyboards, including hundreds of layouts for all the most popular (and obscure) countries
  • Mouse – customize the speed as slow, normal, or fast
  • Audio – select your audio output for speaker, headphones, or TV
  • Display – adjust the resolution of the computer screen
  • Overclocking – push your Raspberry Pi to the maximum without having to do it manually
  • Account – set passwords, add and manage accounts
  • Wallpaper – pick the best LOLcat for honored placement on your desktop

All that, tied together in one handy utility. Check it out on GitHub and let us know what you think!