Kano OS updated with 3 new apps and games to play


Few will be looking forward to the holidays more than our software team. They have been working to the grindstone this December, gearing up for the release of the latest version of the Kano OS.

Kanux OS Beta v1.2.1 is loaded with holiday gifts for all our users – on top of the usual tweaks and changes tightening and streamlining the user experience there are a total of three new apps and games to explore this December. So if you are a Kano owner make sure you update – if not – two of these releases are available to all! Check them out:

Kano Draw

Code the next digital masterpiece with this creative drawing app: a new set of spells to colour your world. (available on Kano OS or via your browser on any other machine). Check out the web app

Terminal Quest

Ever wondered what that black box labelled Terminal is? Explore the intricacies of the Linux terminal with our new text-based adventure game. (Kano OS only)

Minecraft Realm

Build and explore Minecraft. We’re taking Minecraft to the next level – share your creations and we’ll feature them in-game on a Podium! (Available via Minecraft on any Linux or Mac OS). Learn more

Have any suggestions of things you would like to see on the OS? Don’t hesitate! Get in touch.