Kano OS –– Open-Sourcing this April

More news coming soon – but here’s a “save the date.”

We are targeting April for our first public, open-source release of Kano OS.

It’s developing beautifully.

  • Simple, with an intuitive interface that won’t send kids running.
  • Fast, with an optimized browser and killer performance tricks.
  • Hugely fun, with dozens of projects to get you coding and creating right away, in games, on the Internet, and more.

Kano OS is a powerful software stack for Raspberry Pi built on Debian Linux. It will be the fastest and most user-friendly OS on the platform thus far.

Until then, we’ll be improving performance, testing new projects, and raining fire down on bugs with the help of our Kickstarter backers and alpha testers.

Want to join them and get an early peek at Kano OS? Get in touch.

(You can find more details on our working tech specs here.)

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