Update to Kano OS 4.2.1 for more Minecraft!

Last week we released an update, for all Raspberry Pi 3b based Kano Computer Kits.

There are lots of little tweaks in the background that improve security, performance, and stability - and three BIG things out front, that we thought you’d like to know more about.

1. We fixed the Wi-Fi configuration

Hours after the release of the last update (Kano OS 4.2.0), we noticed a bug in the way that Wi-Fi was configured (on reboot, it was trying to connect twice, and cancelling itself out!), and issued a workaround.

The Wi-Fi configuration fix in Kano OS 4.2.1, replaces the work around, and offers a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

2. We updated the updater

Updates to Kano OS are pretty big, can take a while, and if you lose power, or internet connectivity, have a habit of going wobbly.

The updater for Kano OS 4.2.1 has been tweaked to improve stability - we still highly recommend you are connected to mains power, and have a solid internet connection before starting the update.

3. We added new Minecraft challenges

That’s right Minecraft fans - we added a whole new challenge pack to Hack Minecraft.

Galactic Crafting is our new space themed pack, and contains 6 new challenges, where you can make your own planets, rockets, stars, and UFOs!

You’re welcome!

P.S. Update not starting automatically? Follow these instructions to give it a kick start.

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