Kano open-sources – what that means, and why we’re doing it

If you’re a developer looking for our repos, check out our GitHub. For more info on open sourcing, read on!

We’ve spent the past year working on the fastest, most user-friendly OS yet for Raspberry Pi. We built upon the work of many, and we want to give back. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be open sourcing our Kano projects so that anyone can use and improve them – whether you’re getting a Kano Kit or not.

*What’s open source?

Software is a bundle of ideas and instructions that your computer reads, then makes real. The source code of any given bit of software – app, OS, or Flappy Bird – is its heart and soul. And if the source code is open, then anyone, anywhere, can download it for free, modify it, and share it. 

The spirit of open source is not just to consume, but to change, improve, and build upon what came before.

Ideally, it’s a virtuous feedback loop – smart folks solve problems faster by drawing upon each others’ ideas. The International Space Station, for example, runs on Debian Linux – just like Kano OS.

Why are we open sourcing?

We believe in openness, and the free marketplace of ideas. We believe in  making computing accessible to all ages, all over the world. We’ve built on the work of many excellent developers to make our OS, and we want to pay it forward by making ours available for others to fork and improve as well. We have an amazing community, and we’re excited to see what people will create.


We’re starting this week with Snake, and opening up several more projects over the next few weeks under a GPL2 license, including Kano Blocks, system settings, and more, with the projects going up as soon as we have the documentation ready.

If you’re a developer, we’d love for you to join our repos and send us your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions. If not, we’d still love to hear from you – play with Make Pong online, try out the Kano OS beta on your Raspberry Pi, and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or the forum!