Kano Partner Highlights: Create a LOOP

Hi Kano Creators, Tinkers, and Hackers!

This is Taylor Chustz, the Education Community Manager with Kano, and the Education Team wants to share with you how some of our partners are using Kano with their learners!

Create a LOOP is a non-profit in St. Louis, Missouri that is addressing the digital divide for under-represented groups in STEM the fields (i.e. girls, black and brown children, and those living in poverty).

They do this by providing Saturday club days, summer camps, and mentorship all while learning computational thinking and coding skills on the Kano!

"We like the Kanos because they are seeing what a computer is like on the inside rather than a mysterious thing you.”

I've been lucky enough to be able to visit Darren Jackson, the founder, and the rest of the inspirational crew in St. Louis!

Create a LOOP has a unique model and vision for their club sessions. In speaking to Darren the way he described the program is like basketball.

"You don't play basketball because you know it is going to be good for your health. You do it because it is fun. We want the club to be the same way. You don't realize you are learning how to problem solve or collaborate because you are having fun and creating with your friends!"

Each learner gets to take a Kano home and play through the challenges and LOOP curriculum at their own pace and then attend the Saturday sessions to collaborate with other learners to build, create, and learn new coding skills.

It doesn't stop there though. LOOP views themselves as a long-standing program for these future innovators. This isn't just a one year program, but one that they can stick with for multiple years to build upon their skills and prepare them for a high-speed technology-driven world.

"We wanted to create a club culture where kids can hang out and create and code games as they want. The sessions are a mixture of learning and play, but also learning skills that can be used in the future.”

And after attending a session with LOOP that culture of fun and creativity is 100% there. The young tinkers view the space as a time to make new friends, be creative, ask questions, and learn skills that will help them for a lifetime.

I was able to sit down with a few participants of LOOP and ask them to describe in three words what they thought of the program and using Kanos.

"Fun and creative: - Danae
"Keeps me busy" - Jabril
"Do many things" - Himanth
"Diverse, open source" - Brennan

Create a LOOP is a fun program that does exactly what Darren wants. It creates a safe environment where you can learn to code without even realizing it!

Do you use Kano in a unique learning environment and want to share your story? Connect with us at education@kano.me!

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