Join us for Hour of Code with the Pixel Hack!

An amazing set of challenges to learn how to code...

Makers, tinkerers, and creative coders…

We’re excited to tell you that we have an amazing project on the Hour of Code this year, during Computer Science Week (5-11 Dec) and beyond. This project is the Kano Pixel Hack, ready for you right now.

Join millions of creators around the world as they learn to code in a real programming language and watch their commands come to life by drawing a sequence of 13 pictures with code. Learn along the way about video game art history from Pong and other retro games through 8-bit art and Minecraft, weaving together computer science with art, history, and storytelling. Add creative flair by hacking our challenges and receive a Pixel Hacker Certificate. This can be done independently or with guidance; there are resources to help navigate the Hour of Code journey.

If you’re excited as we are, share this amazing challenge with your creative coding chums:

...and many more projects to go with it!

We have been working around the clock creating Kano Code, a free platform to code sounds, beats, photos, apps and more. Build a Holiday Parade, an International-Space-Station location-announcer, a translation service, and more, with powerful data. There are even special projects for the holiday season, check them out here and come back every two weeks, as we will be releasing new tutorials, projects and challenges for FREE.

Thank you for your support so far - our community drives us to continue to demystify, democratize and engage young minds in creative computing.

With love, and excitement,

Team Kano